Om forskningsfusk, okritisk media och en smutskastad patientgrupp

Omanalyser och granskningar

Omanalyser av PACE-studiens data

En genom gång av alla metodologiska fel i PACE-studien, (rapporten som PDF: paceslides_kritik), av Sonia Lee, februari 2017

Can patients with chronic fatigue syndrome really recover after graded exercise or cognitive behavioural therapy? A critical commentary and preliminary re-analysis of the PACE trial, i Fatigue: Biomedicine, Health & Behavior, av Carolyn Wilshire, Tom Kindlon, Alem Mathees, Simon MacGrath, december 2016

‘PACE-Gate’ When clinical trial evidence meets open data access, av Keith Geraghty i Journal of Health Psychology, november 2016

A preliminary analysis of ‘recovery’ from chronic fatigue syndrome in the PACE trial using individual participant data, av Alem Mathees, Tom Kindlon, Carly Marhew, Philip Stark, Bruce Levin, september 2016

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